Enforce Data Privacy, Consent, and Compliance with CHEQ Govern


Enforce Consent, Privacy, and Data Compliance

  • Automate consent and enforcement across websites & martech
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations
  • Boost consumer trust; show your commitment to user privacy
  • Simplify and streamline complex compliance tasks
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Securing 15,000+ companies worldwide

Enforce consent and data compliance with CHEQ Govern

Real-Time Compliance

Block unauthorized tracking and data collection automatically, based on user consent.

Prioritize User Trust

Build a foundation of trust with a transparent approach to data collection.

Flexible Privacy Enforcement

Customize privacy settings without impacting your go-to-market efforts

Reduce MarTech Risk

Avoid costly fines and penalties associated with privacy and data compliance violations.

Customers stories

״Protecting our customers’ personal information is an important part of our job. We are continually using CHEQ to keep the website safe for our customers.”

Giacomo Gussoni, IT Commerce
& Digital Specialist

“With CHEQ we have confidence that visitors’ consent preferences are recorded and actually enforced. Being highly automated, it also saves us a lot of manual work."

Privacy and Security Counsel
B2B Software Company

“We were impressed with CHEQ’s fast deployment, flexible UI,
and automated tag management capabilities.”

Shinya Saito, Marketing