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Augment Your Consent Management Platform and Improve Bounce Rates and Conversions

Ensighten CC extends existing Consent Management Platforms with Edge-based storage and retrieval of privacy profiles.

The problem: Privacy legislations, like GDPR and CCPA, require organizations to obtain consent for every engagement. With more than 70 percent of customer journeys spanning multiple channels, including domains and devices, this recurring consent experience turns off visitors, deterring them from engaging and transacting with you.

Each consent form introduces an engagement obstacle. Ensighten CC provides a consent-once-apply-anywhere capability:

Cascade Consent Throughout The Customer Journey

With Ensighten CC, you can cascade consent from your existing Consent Management Platform (CMP) throughout the customer journey, across devices and domains, without interrupting the user with consent requests.

This "consent-once-apply-anywhere" capability empowers you to actually leverage data privacy compliance while protecting revenue through an improved customer user experience - even through complex journeys. The bonus? Better bounce rates and conversions.

Store and Access Consent Preferences At The Edge

Organizations devote multi-million-dollar digital marketing budgets to web experience optimization. A great user experience (UX) can be the difference between a paying customer and a passerby.

The privacy user experience is an important, make-or-break part of a visitor’s journey yet it is poorly designed, confusing, and slow. It introduces friction, which grows as organizations obtain consent multiple times across devices and domains (as required by law) spiking bounce rates and opt-outs.

Ensighten CC augments existing CMPs with the ability to unify and persist user privacy preferences at the Edge. This allows organizations to apply consent preferences consistently and seamlessly throughout the customer journey without user interruptions. Compliance requirements are upheld, consent interruption is minimized, and visitor engagement and conversions optimized.

How Ensighten’s multi-device and multi-domain
consent experience works

Ensighten's approach removes the CMP's reliance on cookies and allows consent to be applied without user interruption across a user’s devices and an organization’s websites.

Here's how it works: When a website visitor provides consent, the CMP will store it locally as a cookie. Ensighten CC will also securely store privacy permissions in the cloud.

As the customer journey moves from device-to-device and domain-to-domain, Ensighten (or alternative CMP) will check for local consent first and if found, apply it. When consent is not found locally, Ensighten CC is invoked to retrieve and provide the consent profile from its cloud-based consent repository.

Customers seamlessly switch devices and domains without consent interruption while organizations uphold data privacy promises.

Seamless Cross-Device, Cross-Domain Consent

The Ensighten platform provides organizations with a cost-effective and intelligent way to comply with cross-device, cross-domain consent requirements while maximizing engagement and revenue per customer. By extending existing Consent Management Platforms with Ensighten's Edge-based consent approach, organizations can eliminate web experience friction and improve bounce rates and conversions.

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