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CHEQ Clickcease
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Block fake clicks and save your marketing budgets for real paying customers

Bots, click farms and competitors are clicking your ads at scale

With over 40% of web traffic being driven by bots, automation tools, fake users and other forms of invalid traffic, click fraud is becoming a top concern for paid marketers. Fake clicks cost marketers significant portions of their spend, while depleting their budgets and costing them real opportunities with authnetic prospects and customers.

Get CHEQ Clickcease for Shopify and put and end to fake clicks

CHEQ Clickcease is now available as a native app on Shopify, helping online store owners eliminate fake clicks from their campaigns and divert budgets towards real-paying customers. Enjoy real-time blocking and deatiled reports and start securing your campaigns from invalid clicks today.

Trusted by over 14,000 customers worldwide.

CHEQ is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to secure their Go-to-Market operations. Learn why they trust us.

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