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The State of Fake Traffic 2023


Security Glossary

Get fluent in GTMSec with our glossary of key industry terms.


Affiliate Fraud

A form of invalid malicious activity in which an affiliate marketers or network attempts to drive invalid traffic to their partner's site to inflate their commissions.

Automation Tool

A tool used to perform automatic activity repetitively, fast and at scale.

Behavioral Anomalies

Abnormal actions performed by a user / visitor on digital assets, like excessive page hopping, refreshing, and non-human scrolling and browsing patterns.


A computer script designed to act with agency or simulate human behavior.

Chargeback Fraud

A form of invalid malicious activity in which a cardholder makes a purchase and then contacts the cardholder to dispute the charge and claim a refund, while still holding on to the item.

Click Farm

A Groups of workers available for hire that rapidly click on content or ads in order to inflate traffic, sign-ups or engagement.

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