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Our team at CHEQ is thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as the 4th most innovative cybersecurity company in the world by Fast Company. 

Each year, the ‘Most Innovative Companies’ list honors organizations that are making the biggest impact both in business and culturally, and we are humbled to be included. As we accept this honor, we join the ranks of previous award recipients like Microsoft, Netflix, SpaceX, Shopify, Moderna and many other leading global companies

As stated by Fast Company’s Deputy Editor, David Lidsky: “The world’s most innovative companies play an essential role in addressing the most pressing issues facing society, whether they’re fighting climate change by spurring decarbonization efforts, ameliorating the strain on supply chains, or helping us reconnect with one another over shared passions.” 

This award comes at a time when our team is taking great measures to protect all organizations from the Fake Web. Over the years, CHEQ has become the premier way for go-to-market teams to secure their funnels, analytics, marketing, and operations from malicious bots and fake users on the internet. 

When CHEQ was first founded, our team recognized a need from enterprise organizations to protect every aspect of their business, and we addressed this need with cybersecurity technology built for all go-to-market leaders – not just the CISO. Today, more than 12,000 organizations have entrusted CHEQ with utilizing cybersecurity technology to keep their most mission-critical platforms free from threats. 

A few words from CHEQ founder and CEO, Guy Tytunovich: “We’re honored to have been named one of the world’s most innovative companies. We feel that our mission here at CHEQ – to fight the ‘Fake Web’ – addresses one the gravest challenges of today’s internet, the challenge of bots, fake users and malicious web traffic taking over and jeopardizing the sustainability of online business. We’re here to empower Go-to-Market organizations and secure their sales pipelines, marketing funnels, sites, eCommerce and data from the ‘Fake Web’, and we’re excited to be recognized by Fast Company for our efforts.”

To read more about Fast Company’s Most Innovative, and to check out the full list, click here.

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