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Learn why the world’s leading organizations are rapidly adopting GTMSec and securing their funnels, campaigns, data & analytics.

The Go-to-Market org is about efficiency, but Invalid Traffic does the opposite

As an organization, you strive for optimal visibility, cleaner data, better quality traffic, more accurate targeting and smarter optimization. But allowing botnets, scrapers, crawlers, click farms, automation tools and other forms of IVT into your funnels, is detrimental to the entire Go-to-Market operation.

Data, analytics, pipelines, audiences and funnels are at risk

A contaminated Go-to-Market operation infects everything you do and causes damage to the entire go-to-market organization. Skewed BI systems lead to poor decision making, distorted site metrics disrupt your conversion efforts, fake visitors flood your CRM and bots consume your campaign budgets and pollute your audience segments.

"Within digital marketing and ecommerce, the rise in adversaries’ cyber capabilities is resulting in direct revenue loss to businesses across the globe."
Lior Frenkel, Chairman of the Israel Cyber Forum

Common types
of Invalid Traffic (IVT)

While IVT is often driven by malicious sources,
in many cases the damage is a result of omnipresent
forms of invalid traffic which end up in your funnels
without deliberate intent.

Click Farms

Low-paid workers hired to generate
invalid clicks and engagement


Users attempting to mask
their identity or location

Automation Tools

Automated browsing, scraping
and form filling tools


Malicious networks of bots built for sophisticated cyber attacks

Web Crawlers

Bots designed to crawl websites, cataloguing and indexing content


Bad actors committing chargeback
fraud, credit card fraud and more

How organizations use Go-to-Market Security to cleanse their operations from IVT

  • Un-skewing their BI systems from invalid traffic and activities to ensure accurate data
  • Removing bots from their sites to prevent contamination of their CRM, CDP and funnels
  • Excluding invalid users from their paid marketing campaigns and audience segments

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