Go-to-Market Security Leader CHEQ Acquires Ensighten


CHEQ, the global leader in Go-to-Market Security, announced the acquisition of California-based cybersecurity company Ensighten. The acquired, a portfolio company of Insight Partners, holds hundreds of large enterprise customers and is a worldwide leader in privacy compliance enforcement, customer hijacking prevention, and anti-data exfiltration (ADX). Ensighten’s products will join a larger set of tools under the CHEQ umbrella, designed to protect Go-to-Market organizations from bots, fake users, automated traffic, fraud, skewed data, and additional threats. CHEQ, a portfolio company of Battery Ventures and Tiger Global, has over 14,000 customers worldwide, with offices in New York, Tel-Aviv, Tokyo, Miami and London.

“Our mission at CHEQ is to secure every aspect of the Go-to-Market operation, from marketing and sales, to website, eCommerce, and data,” said CHEQ Founder and CEO Guy Tytunovich. “Adding Ensighten’s capabilities enables us to provide the best coverage, securing customers from bots, malicious human activity, fraud, skewed data, privacy and compliance violations and more. When we launched GTMSec, we knew it would become a market standard, and with this acquisition, we can continue to lead the category into new territory. With the ‘network effect’ of over 14,000 customers, and 25 trillion customer engagements analyzed weekly, we’re now best poised to lead the fight against malicious bots, fraudsters and cyber criminals.”

Concerns over bots, fake traffic and fraud impacting enterprise business performance have been prevalent over the past year. PayPal recently admitted that 4.5 million fake new accounts were opened, likely looking to exploit $5 or $10 balances that were handed out to attract new users. Even more recently, Elon Musk paused his Twitter takeover bid, citing bots and fake accounts as the primary reason. CHEQ’s own data showed that just this past black Friday, one third of all online shoppers were bots. Studies have shown that bots and fake users cost businesses about $42 billion each year in lost revenue opportunities; marketing teams waste valuable resources attracting fake users, sales teams spend time and money nurturing invalid leads, and firms pour millions into analyzing inaccurate data collected from bot traffic. The ‘Fake Web’ is wreaking havoc on the bottom line across the entire organization.        

For these reasons, Go-to-Market Security is being rapidly adopted by organizations looking to proactively protect their GTM operation from the threats of the Fake Web, using advanced cybersecurity tools and technologies.    

Ensighten’s Jason Patel added: “As a global cybersecurity leader in client-side protection, anti-data-exfiltration, privacy compliance, and secure tag management, we’re excited to combine our capabilities with CHEQ’s, further securing Go-to-Market operations and enabling marketing, sales and data leaders to thrive and succeed”

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