CHEQ Raises $150 Million, led by Tiger Global

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Secure your data and analytics, on-site conversion and paid marketing from bots and invalid users, with the leading Go-to-Market Security platform.

    Trusted by over 12,000 customers worldwide.

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    CHEQ for Salesforce Datorama

    Add Invalid Traffic (IVT) analytics to your Salesforce Datorama dashboard with the native CHEQ app.

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    Invalid traffic (IVT)
    is disrupting your
    Go-to-Market efforts

    40% of all web traffic is made up of bots and invalid users. This affects Go-to-Market efforts by hurting marketing efficiency, disrupting on-site conversion efforts and skewing data and analytics.

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    Lost Revenue Opportunities

    Invalid traffic diverts spend away from real visitors who can actually convert to paying customers.

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    Disrupted Conversion Efforts

    Invalid traffic hurts your on-site conversion efforts, generating bad leads and hurting funnel metrics.

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    Skewed Data & Analytics

    Invalid traffic skews your marketing data and analytics, hurting visibility, measurement and decision making.

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    Introducing the
    Go-to-Market Security Platform

    CHEQ is bringing you the first cybersecurity platform designed for marketers, providing the most accurate and robust GTMS solution in the market.

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    Powered by over
    2,000 real-time
    cybersecurity tests

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    Trusted by the world's
    leading organizations

    Once we rerouted our spend towards valid users, we saw the quality of our traffic and leads go up considerably.
    Alex Schutte, Digital Marketing Director

    Increase in inbound paid marketing qualified leads

    CHEQ was easy to implement, drove meaningful value and was paying for itself within months.
    Tom Hammond, Director of Commerce

    Decrease in CPA for agency eCommerce customer

    Spending hours looking at site visits that don’t make sense isn’t scalable. We needed CHEQ for this.
    Nick Altman, Account Director

    Decrease in invalid traffic for agency retail customer

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    the affects of IVT

    Discover how bots and fake users can impact entire marketing teams and beyond.

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