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Join a robust network of technology partners,
channel partners, marketing agencies and
resellers in fighting The Fake Web.

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Trusted by over 15,000 customers worldwide.

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Provide your customers with a layer of Go-to-Market Security for their marketing funnels, pipelines, data and analytics.

CHEQ is the global leader in Go-to-Market Security, protecting over 12,000 customers worldwide and ensuring their marketing funnels, sales pipelines, data and analytics and free of bots and fake users. Partnering with CHEQ allows you to add our layer of security to your customer’s operation, adding tremendous value, strengthening trust and increasing retention.


Agencies, consultancies & resellers looking to continuously improve your client’s performance?
Add CHEQ to your toolbox and drive more value,
loyalty and retention with happy and secure customers.


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and SAAS platforms looking to enrich your offering?
Partner with CHEQ and help your customers
eradicate invalid traffic at source.

Fighting the fake web with us:

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