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Gain visibility into the impact of bots and invalid traffic across digital initiatives, trust the integrity of your web analytics, protect testing and personalization efforts.

Trusted by 15,000 brands to secure the go-to-market attack surface

Fake traffic isn’t just noise,

it deeply harms decision making

Bots and bad actors impact your marketing and business decision-making, optimization efforts, and downstream workflows like testing, personalization, and audience building.

Boost confidence and
accelerate decisions

Protect the integrity of your analytics and marketing
data, trust your insights, and make faster,
more accurate optimization decisions.

Identify trends
and conduct
granular analysis

Track invalid traffic patterns across KPIs, regions, and
channels over time and dive deep into the impact of
various threats on specific campaigns, pages, user
journeys, and more.

Protect testing,
personalization, and
segmentation efforts

Shield downstream workflows like A/B testing,
personalization, and audience profiling from
pollution caused by fake traffic.

The world's leading companies choose CHEQ

Sandra Wendland
Global Marketing Manager

"CHEQ is a great statistics tool. 
In addition to Adobe Analytics, we go into CHEQ and compare the traffic. 
The additional data source is very, very welcomed."

Nick Altman
Director of Digital Strategy

“Spending hours looking at site visits that don’t make sense isn’t scalable. We needed CHEQ for this.”

Adam Ikar
Chief Strategy Officer

"As a team, we constantly create, test, and improve our campaigns to optimize performance. CHEQ is an integral part of the process that helps us deliver great results."

State of
Fake Traffic 2024

Discover how bots and bad actors impact your entire
marketing funnel

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