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CHEQ Form Guard

Shield your forms and funnel from bots and fake users that wreck sales efficiency, erode trust between teams, and pose privacy and reputational risks.

Trusted by 15,000 brands to secure the go-to-market attack surface

Junk leads are destroying your resources, attention, and reputation

When fake form submissions enter your funnel, sales-marketing tensions rise, efficiency drops, and your reputation suffers.

Focus sales on
real opportunity

Protect rep time and ease sales-marketing tension by
preventing junk leads from flooding follow-up queues
and hoarding directly scheduled calendar

Protect marketing
effectiveness & efficiency

Stop bots and bad actors from undermining email
performance, depleting retargeting campaigns, exploiting
high-value CTAs, and compromising funnel integrity.

Minimize privacy risk

Block submissions from fake and malicious
users before reps make contact to protect real
user privacy preferences, ensure compliance,
and safeguard your reputation.

The world's leading companies choose CHEQ

Tom Hammond
Director of Commerce

“CHEQ was easy to implement, drove meaningful value and was paying for itself within months.”

Sandra Wendland
Global Digital Marketing Manager

"CHEQ is a strategic AI tool for our business. I’m not bringing invalid traffic into my marketing funnels or spending dollars on fake people."

Kyle McCormick
Director of Marketing Operations

”Since we implemented CHEQ Form Guard two months ago, we’ve blocked 20,000 junk leads from getting into our system and syncing over to the SDR team” 

Are junk leads draining your resources?

Dive into our strategic guide revealing a transformative model for calculating savings and why traditional methods fail to block junk leads.

Ready to stop fake form fills?