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CHEQ Acquisition

Eliminate bots and invalid traffic from your paid campaigns, audiences, and remarketing efforts across 15+ platforms.

Trusted by 15,000 brands to secure the go-to-market attack surface

Bots and bad intent drain paid media budgets, pollute audience segments, and plummet performance

Automatically redirect paid media spend away from bots and invalid users to real buyers, safeguard remarketing audiences, and maintain campaign effectiveness.

Aim paid media budget
at buyers, not bots

Ensure your campaigns on Google, Facebook,
LinkedIn, and other ad platforms target real buyers,
and automatically prevent future waste.

Gain visibility across
acquisition efforts

See the impact of bots and invalid traffic beyond paid acquisition with holistic dashboards and comprehensive reporting that spans across traffic sources.

Take precise action
guided by granular
performance data

Detailed reporting down to distinct
campaigns and specific UTMs allows
for granular optimization and exclusions.

The world's leading companies choose CHEQ

Adam Ikar
Chief Strategy Officer

"CHEQ works! It’s significant to our marketing tech stack, and our Cost Per Acquisition metrics have significantly improved."

Brian Davis
VP Marketing

"Our investment in CHEQ’s platform proved a 10x return, and the visualization of the data made it very easy to showcase our team’s success with the rest of the organization.”

Ross Pepper
Head of Performance Marketing

“CHEQ protects our budgets, improves our remarketing efficiencies and provides a cleaner view of our data, overall improving our decision-making.”

State of Fake Traffic 2024

Discover how bots and bad actors impact your entire
marketing funnel

Ready to secure your
acquisition efforts?