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$115 billion problem

Bots, fake users, and other bad actors with no intention to convert account for 17.9% of overall website traffic, on average, and up to 49% in vulnerable industries. Nearly 550 hours are lost per organization every year by sales and marketing teams chasing fake leads.

The detrimental effects of junk leads

Wasted resources

Both the budget and the
time of your marketing
and sales teams.

Skewed data

Inaccurate business
decision-making and
inefficient optimization.

Decreased performance

Declining conversion rates,
email performance,
and sender reputation.

Lost revenue

Invalid leads filling the
pipeline instead of
qualified opportunity leads.

Meet CHEQ Form Guard

Shield your forms and funnel from bots and fake users that wreck sales efficiency, erode trust between teams, and pose privacy and reputational risks.

Easily integrate with your MAP or CRM to automate blocking bots and bad actors from depleting marketing campaigns, wasting sales reps' time, and compromising funnel integrity.

The Business Impact of Junk Leads & Fake Sign-Ups

Discover how bots and fake users impact businesses and drive inefficiency.