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From Click to Client: Secure Each Step of the Customer Journey

Confidently prevent automated and human-driven threats that endanger customer trust, privacy compliance, marketing effectiveness, and business continuity with
CHEQ - The global leader in Go-to-Market Security.

Trusted by 15,000 brands to secure the go-to-market attack surface

Loved by Marketers,
Trusted by CISOs

With CHEQ, experience unrivaled accuracy, explainability, and actionability as each visit is met with 2,000+ real-time cybersecurity challenges and an incomparable network effect generated by monitoring 90k websites and processing 6T signals daily.

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Comprehensive Protection, Seamless Customer Experience

CHEQ Acquisition

Protect paid marketing
campaigns across ad platforms

CHEQ Analytics

See the impact of invalid traffic across digital initiatives

CHEQ Form Guard

Stop fake form fills and protect sales and marketing efficiency

CHEQ Defend

Prevent malicious bots and bad actors from attacking your site

CHEQ Privacy Enforcement

Safeguard customer data
and ensure compliance

Purpose-Built for


Security & Success

Unparalleled, context-specific, granular detection and defense for the heart of your business – your go-to-market engine. Experience the power of CHEQ.

Trusted by the World's
Leading Organizations

Once we rerouted our spend towards valid users, we saw the quality of our traffic and leads go up considerably.
Alex Schutte, Digital Marketing Director

Increase in inbound paid marketing qualified leads

CHEQ was easy to implement, drove meaningful value and was paying for itself within months.
Tom Hammond, Director of Commerce

Decrease in CPA for agency eCommerce customer

The visualization of the data made it very easy to showcase our team’s success with the rest of the organization.
Brian Davis, VP Marketing

Return on Investment with CHEQ

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State of Fake
Traffic 2024

Discover how bots and fake users impact businesses and drive inefficiency.

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