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When fighting against invalid traffic infiltrating your marketing funnels, using a platform rooted in cybersecurity provides the best results.

Data suggests that 40% of all online traffic is irrelevant to your sales goals, coming from web scrapers, click farms, malicious bots, and fake users. The surprising sophistication of invalid traffic pollutes the marketing funnel in many ways, from paid digital advertising channels through conversion, resulting in wasted budget, clouded performance data, and bad leads. CHEQ’s Security Suite for marketers is driven by a sophisticated Intelligence Engine that reviews every paid, organic, and direct visitor and tests them with over 2,000 cybersecurity challenges in real-time. The GTMSec Intelligence Engine uses a number of advanced client and server-side techniques (HTTP, STUN/DNS, JS, TCP, etc.) to detect and unmask invalid users.

CHEQ supports CMOs and marketing teams in 3 major ways:

Solutions for Paid Marketing

CHEQ’s Solutions for Paid Marketing offer the demand generation team opportunities to drive more revenue by improving the efficiency of digital ad budgets. With CHEQ, you have more control over your audience and essentially divert spend from being wasted on invalid users to attracting real paying customers and prospects. In addition to preventing invalid traffic from engaging with your advertising campaigns, CHEQ also future-proofs your campaign optimization. Data learned from protecting your ad campaigns can feed into your remarketing and retargeting audience segments, ensuring you don’t waste future budget chasing invalid users. CHEQ also prevents Google and Facebook pixels from optimizing on false conversions, keeping your Smart Campaigns on track.

Solutions for On-Site Conversion

It is often surprising to marketing teams that organic and direct traffic contains a significant percentage of invalid visitors. Once on your site, it’s hard to predict what bots, scrapers, and other threat types will do. Some may stay for less than a second, and others may be more thorough. To a marketing organization, every visitor to your website is seen as a potential customer, welcomed with a cookie and a pixel and perhaps even a personalized greeting. These unnecessary activations of your tech stack tools (such as chatbots, lead management systems, or automation tools) may artificially inflate your monthly fees. Sophisticated invalid users, including bots, can even complete forms to request demos and access downloadable content using fake or stolen data, polluting your marketing data with bad leads and fake data. CHEQ’s Solution for On-Site Security gives you the ability to intercept these visitors in real-time and handle them with custom rules.

Solutions for Data and Analytics

Ultimately every marketing team wants to generate great leads and a positive ROI to negotiate for a bigger budget next year. Achieve this more easily by connecting invalid traffic data to your native Marketing or Business Intelligence systems and applying it towards un-skewing your data points. Uncover the real picture and increase the transparency of your marketing performance when you weed out invalid user activity. With log-level details of the invalid traffic, optimizing your marketing efforts and resource allocation makes forecasting, planning, and decision-making much clearer.

GTMSec plays a pivotal role for organizations with sophisticated digital marketing practices. Learn more about how invalid traffic undermines your marketing success by speaking with our team today.

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