PPC Blogs You Should Be Reading To Improve Your Paid Efforts


Are you looking to learn more about PPC advertising and stay on top of changes in the industry?

Here are five PPC blogs you should be reading.

1. Google Ads Blog

Google Ads Blog

The official Google Ads blog is obviously one of the main PPC blogs you should be following to stay up to date on the latest news on what Google is doing to improve Google Ads, as well as learn more about PPC in general.

Apart from sharing the latest Google Ads updates, the blog also covers tips on creating more effective ads, taking full advantage of all the different ad formats Google Ads offers, measuring advertising results, as well as designing effective holiday advertising campaigns.

The Google Ads blog is updated weekly and has plenty of published blog posts you can read right now to improve your knowledge of PPC advertising.

Here are a few posts from the blog that you should look into:

Navigating the Road Ahead: How Consumers are Adjusting to COVID-19 – An overview of consumer trends during the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog post discusses how people are using technology during the pandemic, as well as what search terms and types of content have been gaining in popularity.

Enabling a Safe Digital Advertising Ecosystem – A blog post where you can learn more about what Google is doing to create a safe and sustainable digital advertising ecosystem. It discusses specific policies and technologies Google has implemented to prevent fraudulent and illegal activities on its platform.

2019 Holiday Checklist: Inspire Shoppers with Gift-Giving Ideas – A great guide focusing on what businesses can do to attract and convert more holiday shoppers. It covers taking advantage of Google’s Shopping ads across YouTube and Image search.

2. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is a website that focuses on publishing news, guides, and research related to SEO and search engine marketing.

With dozens of blog posts being published on SEJ every week, it’s the biggest and most popular website on this list.

Almost all the guides on SEJ are written by industry experts with decades of experience in the industry, making it a great place to learn more about PPC and search engine marketing.

Here are a few examples of the type of high-quality content you can find on Search Engine Journal:

15 Ways to Optimize a Paid Search Campaign – A list of strategies advertisers can use to generate a better return on their paid search campaigns. It covers optimizing budget allocation, ad timing, keywords, landing pages, and more.

Which PPC Metrics Should You Focus On? – A blog post discussing the most important metrics advertisers should focus on to judge the effectiveness of their PPC campaigns. It goes into detail on the core and directional metrics you need to track for both lead generation and brand awareness campaigns.

How to Earn Your Google Ads Certification – A step-by-step guide describing how advertisers and marketers can earn a Google Ads certification. It provides an overview of all the different Google Ads certifications and gives helpful tips on preparing for the Google Ads exams.

If you’re more of a podcast person, you can also check out the Search Engine Journal Show, a weekly podcast that covers a wide range of marketing and advertising topics.

3. PPC Hero

PPC Hero

4. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is another popular website covering news from the SEO and search engine marketing world. Search Engine Land’s authors include highly-respected industry experts.

Apart from SEO and search engine marketing, the website also covers topics such as social media and ecommerce marketing.

Here are some of the most popular blog posts on Search Engine Land:

Search Engine Land’s Guide to PPC – A comprehensive guide to PPC advertising that covers everything from the workings of a PPC ad auction and setting up, tracking, and measuring campaigns, to keywords, bidding, and campaign budget strategies, ad rotation, scheduling, and search ads automation.

17 Ways PPC Can Help Your Business Survive an Economic Crisis – A great list of strategies brands can employ to generate more revenue during the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes industry-specific advice for the hospitality, automotive, and home services industries.

5 Essential Tips for Optimizing Your Google Ads Campaigns – A blog post discussing strategies for optimizing Google Ads campaigns. It covers measuring lost impression share, improving ad CTR, and using the right keyword match types.

5. The WordStream blog

The WordStream blog

The WordStream blog is home to some of the best content on PPC advertising currently available online. Every blog post published on the blog is full of practical tips designed to help advertisers improve their campaigns.

The blog posts are written by the WordStream team, as well as a number of guest authors, most of whom are industry experts with years of experience in the advertising industry.

Some of the most popular content on the WordStream blog includes:

Google Ads Benchmarks for Your Industry – A comprehensive list of CTR, CPC, CPA, and conversion rate benchmarks across a number of industries, including automotive, B2B, consumer services, e-commerce, education, finance, health, and real estate.

6 Steps to Building a Brilliant Paid Search Account Structure – A blog post that goes over the importance of Google Ads account structure and provides tips on how advertisers should structure their accounts.

10 Remarketing Facts That Will Make Your Rethink PPC – A great overview of remarketing case studies and research, as well as the benefits of running remarketing campaigns.

Start reading PPC blogs

If advertisers want to stay on top of the PPC game, it’s crucial that they continuously work on improving their knowledge of advertising and stay on top of news and updates regarding the various PPC networks out there.

To do so, advertisers can take advantage of all the high-quality content available on PPC blogs, such as the Google Ads Blog, Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero, Search Engine Land, and WordStream.


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