Tech CHEQ: Connecting Customers Needs to Innovation


Author: Tzlil Omesi Elyahu

The ‘Tech CHEQ’ series offers internal expertise from CHEQ’s cybersecurity team.

Aligning clients’ requirements and expectations with product development it’s an ongoing effort for any organization. As it is crucial to help guide technical teams with customer feedback, technical product implementation is one of the many pieces to make innovation possible.

At the end of the day, every technical team aims to see the actual result of what they developed being implemented most optimally. The main question is: how can we make sure this development will continue to be innovative and aligned with customers’ expectations? Here is where we can help before and after the implementation happens.

Enabling implementation

Onboarding an innovative product needs to be done with the least disturbance possible for clients. For this to happen, part of our work with implementation is to give the right guidance to the different teams working with new customers.

To exemplify this, in our case, clients will implement the CHEQ tag even during the sales process, so they can start to monitor invalid traffic. Therefore, through different technical tools and the right instructions developed by the technical implementation team, we enable product onboarding, helping teams to validate tags and product features, making sure everything goes right for the customer since day 01.

Listen to your customer

The implementation phase is critical because most questions, concerns, and suggestions will come from it. As customers are still not used to the product, it is natural that, at this phase, they will want to understand more about what the software can do.

Sometimes customers will have very specific needs or opinions on how they think the product should work, and sometimes these needs and opinions do not fit the current capabilities of the product. Part of our mission through technical implementation is to listen, gather feedback, analyze it, and interact with the right teams to incorporate these customer needs within ongoing product development.

Working together

To do that, we must work with as many teams as possible. R&D, product, customer success, sales, and others, are all part of the same engine and the best allies of technical implementation. To be innovative and keep our technology on the right path, these many teams must have great channels of communication and contribute to mutual development.

A great example of how this can lead to innovation is the CHEQ Frequency Capping threshold. What started as a client challenge, was then transformed into a new feature. Several teams came together to allow clients to set their own capping configurations, giving them the power to determine how many times an individual user can click on paid ads before being automatically blocked by our Go-To-Market Security solution.

Beyond this example, I’m sure that as we continue to grow and innovate our product, the challenges for implementation will also develop with time. For us, the path to keep being a successful team is clear: secure the right product implementation to reach the customer needs and keep being a bridge between them and our technology. I am excited to see what other innovations will come from it. 

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