The People Fighting the Fake Web: Adi Pinko Rubinstein


Our guest today is Adi Pinko Rubinstein. She is a Security Sales Consultant at CHEQ. Adi joined our Fight against the Fake Web back in August. Previously, she was a Director of Corporate Sales at GKI Group

Why did you join the fight against the Fake Web?

On a personal level, I always liked to work at purpose-driven companies, companies that do something that matters and have an impact. With CHEQ, I know I am making a positive change in an important industry, helping companies to be secure against a crucial problem on the internet.

How your role enables the fight against the fake web?

My role helps companies to understand the impact the Fake Web has on them. Some people ask themselves, “why would I be a target?”. What we show them is that the threats of the Fake Web are not always represented by malicious actors. Fake Traffic represents almost 40% of all internet traffic and not all of it is made by malicious users, but they still affect your Go-To-Market strategies, be it a bot, a fake user, or a non-malicious automation tool.

How has your perception of the fake web changed since you joined CHEQ?

Before joining CHEQ I was on the other side. I was in the online industry for 12 years and I felt the pain of fake traffic in my day-to-day. Now, I understand the solution to that pain. I know fake traffic is a problem that everyone has because everyone is affected in some way or another by the Fake Web. I always say I only wish I knew CHEQ during my previous roles.

What do you appreciate most about working at CHEQ?

On a personal level, I enjoy working surrounded by great people that really feel like a family, especially being in a great office with all the treats =). The leadership too, I feel there is a real focus on the human side, in understanding the different needs of every team and in appreciating our efforts.

On a professional level, I believe that our product is really changing the way Go-To-Market teams work and I see the impact we have on our clients.


It’s never been a better time to join one of the fastest-growing companies in SaaS, as we continue to Fight the Fake Web, building out the future of Go-to-Market security. See what our dear CHEQers have to say about our culture and work-life and take a look at our open positions.

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