The People Fighting the Fake Web: Kateryna Panasyuk | CHEQ


Kateryna Panasyuk is a Business Development Representative at CHEQ. She joined our Fight Against the Fake Web at the beginning of 2022. 

Why did you join the fight against the fake web?

I believe in the product and in what we are fighting for. Since I heard about CHEQ and understood what the fake web represents for the digital world today, it was clear to me that this was something I wanted to be part of. Just take a look at how much people and companies rely on the internet nowadays for everything they do… it is easy to understand how this fight is important.

How your role enables the fight against the fake web? 

As a BDR, we are speaking about the fake web and ultimately educating people about it. I think this is the main point. Communicate, educate and let people know that the problem is out there and it is impacting the internet in a serious way. 

How has your perception of the fake web changed since you joined CHEQ?

I think I realized other ways in which the internet, the digital world, really impacts our lives today. Of course, I was aware of this “fake” side of the internet, but not to this extent. And learning this for me, personally, has been really interesting. Especially because I can help companies and people to solve this problem and succeed in what they do. 

What do you appreciate most about working at CHEQ?

Everyone has eager to grow with the company because we believe in CHEQ. This makes us collaborate and work together. We believe in the product and in the purpose and you can feel this in our day-to-day.

It’s never been a better time to join one of the fastest-growing companies in SaaS, as we continue to Fight the Fake Web, building out the future of Go-to-Market security. See what our dear CHEQers have to say about our culture and work-life and take a look at our open positions.

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