The People Fighting the Fake Web: Maik Dassa Zill | CHEQ


Maik Dassa Zill is an Email Marketing Manager at CHEQ. He joined our Fight Against the Fake Web eight months ago. 

Why did you join the fight against the fake web?

If we pay attention to what is going on on the internet, I mean, all the problems with what is fake and what is not… We see this is only growing. So it is a really important thing for our present and future that people will be able to differentiate and have control over that. Here, we work moved by this purpose – of fighting against the fake web – and this is what gives me the right push to get up every day. It gets me going because I believe in it and identify with it. 

How your role enables the fight against the fake web?

My role enables sharing knowledge about the problem and how to avoid it. Once people know the impact the fake web has and see that “oh this is really a thing”, they understand what is going on on the Internet. Sometimes is a constant pain because you can’t just prevent bots, fake users, and other automation tools to exist, but we can educate people about it, make sure they see it, and help them not to be affected by it.

How has your perception of the fake web changed since you joined CHEQ?

My awareness definitely went up. Not only for the fake web but for cybersecurity as a whole. I believe on a daily basis I perceive risks and the presence of fake users and bots way more. I take more care with information on my phone or on my electrical devices. I think it gave me a click for awareness about the internet in general.

What do you appreciate most about working at CHEQ?

I put it straight on the table – in a lot of Israeli companies you feel mostly “we own you” – at CHEQ I feel for the first time part of a big caring and loving family.

It’s never been a better time to join one of the fastest-growing companies in SaaS, as we continue to Fight the Fake Web, building out the future of Go-to-Market security. See what our dear CHEQers have to say about our culture and work-life and take a look at our open positions.

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