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Solutions for
Bot Management

Uncover, mitigate and manage bad bot traffic coming to your site with advanced threat intelligence, custom rules and real-time alerts

Trusted by over 14,000 customers worldwide.

Bot threats to your organization


Enables competitors and third parties to monitor your activites, compromising your sales effirts

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Damages trust in your company to provide services and protect sensitive data securely

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Lead Gen

Pollutes your CRM and reporting and wastes the resources of your GTM teams

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Ruins product launches, disappoints customers, and harms brand equity

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User Journey

Steals your revenue while exposing your customes to the risks of sstolen data or malware

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Drives up site maintenance costs and slows the experience for customers

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Exposes your company to fraud and compliance risks from processed stolen data

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New Account

Drains your customer acquisition budget while filling your databases with fake information

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Freezes inventory and availability, blocking and frustrating your customers

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"CHEQ is a layer of cybersecurity that is frictionless and keeps my internal stakeholders happy."

Chief Information Security Officer at SaaS Company

"CHEQ let us customize our bot handling in a way that suits our specific needs."

Chief Technology Officer at Financial Services Company

"Our team loves CHEQ because it provides bot protection in a way that doesn't create friction to our customers."

SVP of IT and Operations at Educational Institution

Manage bad bots with
flexible mitigation, tailored
to your organization’s needs

Say goodbye to blunt bot management tools that overblock
real users, lack nuance and hurt your customer’s experience

Detect and manage
bots without ever
blocking real users.

Tackle each threat
with a tailored, fully
customizable approach.

Manage bot traffic
without hurting your
customers’ experience.

How it works

CHEQ has developed a highly accurate, multi-layered approach to distinguish between human and bot activity

Bot Mitigation

Detecting and
blocking bots

CHEQ’s Bot Mitigation Engine runs advanced techniques to prevent invalid bot activity, uncovering and blocking malicious botnets using advanced fingerprinting and multi-layered security models.

User Validation

Validating visitor authenticity

CHEQ’s User Validation Engine performs over
2,000 real-time browser tests to ensure authenticity
and root out human and non-human visitors
attempting to mask their identities.

Behavioral Analysis

Detailed log-level data
and analytics

CHEQ’s Behavioral Analysis Engine detects anomylous activity at both the network and individual level, from suspicious scrolling and browsing patterns, to abnormal rates and traffic spikes


Advanced client- and server-side techniques

  • HTTP Techniques
  • STUN / DNS Techniques
  • JS Techniques
  • TCP Techniques

Secure your site
from bots today

CHEQ Paradome provides a layer of visibilty over all bots and fake users coming to your site, allowing you to manage, mitigate, and block malicous actors looking to cause harm or commit fraud.