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CHEQ Paradome
For Data & BI Leaders

Un-skew your BI systems, data and analytics from invalid traffic, bots and fake users

Invalid Traffic is skewing your data, reporting and analytics

Bots and fake users skew your data, analytics and meaurement of top KPI’s, presenting you with a false picture of your marketing and business performance. Skewed data is detrimental to decision making, budget planning, forecasting and funnel optimization, and puts at risk your organization’s entire BI and mareketing intelligence practice.

Un-skew your BI systems from bots and fake visitors

CHEQ Paradome uncovers Invalid Traffic in your funnels, and corrects your view of reality to show real page performance, conversion rates and metrics. With granular log-level data export and custom BI connectors, CHEQ gives you the tools to uncover reality and regain control of your organization’s data & analytics.

Trusted by over 14,000 customers worldwide.

CHEQ is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to secure their Go-to-Market operations. Learn why they trust us.

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“We invest many millions of dollars in data management to drive good business decisions. CHEQ secures that investment and ensures our data isn't skewed by bots and automated activity."
VP of Analytics at global fashion retailer
“When we plugged CHEQ into our Marketing Intelligence systems, we started to understand where invalid traffic was coming from, and how it impacted us at different stages of the funnel."
Senior BI Admin at Software company
“We were doing forecasting, budget planning and funnel optimizations based on data that was off by about 20-30%. CHEQ cast a light on the bad stuff and helped us gain a clearer view of reality."
CMO at insurance company

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