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CHEQ Paradome
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Secure your entire marketing funnel from invalid traffic, bots and fake users

Trusted by over 12,000 customers worldwide.

Invalid Traffic is poisoning your marketing funnels

Invalid traffic infects all your digital marketing activities, across all stages of the funnel. Botnets, scrapers, crawlers, fraudulent users, click farms and automation tools reach your site through paid, organic, and even direct means, wasting ad budgets, hurting your conversion efforts, taking up your team’s time, energy and resources, and skewing your analytics.

Gain priceless visibility and clean-up your funnels

CHEQ Paradome casts a light on all forms of invalid traffic, and helps you eliminate them from your marketing funnels, website, data and analytics. With robust and granular reporting, and highly customizable blocking, CHEQ Paradome is the #1 platform for marketing security.

“Invalid Traffic goes against everything our team does and undermines our efficiency, accuracy and integrity. With CHEQ we have a real solution to eliminate bots, suspicious users and invalid visitors from our entire marketing funnel. This is one of the most mission-critical tools we deploy today as a marketing org."
CMO at Software Company
“CHEQ solves a strategic challenge for us in that it prevents our marketing operation from being contaminated by fakes traffic. I feel like the company's entire setup, from our audience segments to our campaigns, website and funnels would be exposed without CHEQ."
Head of Demand Generation at Travel Platform
“We weren't aware just how large and impactful of a problem Invalid Traffic was until we began working with CHEQ. But now we've regained control and are able to gain visibility into bad traffic in our funnels, shut down problematic channels and optimize towards better quality traffic."
VP of Marketing at Healthcare Provider

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