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    Invalid Traffic is hurting your SEO and PageRank

    Invalid site visitors are engaging with your pages in ways that are harmful to your PageRank, site quality score and overall SEO efforts. Harmful actions include content scraping and duplication, reducing your time-on-page, inflating bounce rates and lowering you site speed, all of which are penalized by Google’s algorithm.

    Clean your site from
    harmful Invalid Traffic

    CHEQ Paradome allows you to uncover and intercept invalid site visitors in real-time, removing them with laser precision and custom controls. Use predefined rules to mitigate different types of invalid traffic and only block what you feel comfortable blocking.

    “CHEQ allowed us to basically eliminate almost all the fake, non-human and automated visitors from our site, which immediately help improve key site metrics like time-on-page, session length and bounce rate."
    SEO Team Lead at B2B SaaS Company
    “Organic search accounts for over 90% of our website traffic. With CHEQ, we found that 32% of our organic traffic was coming from invalid traffic and tackling that issue was crucial for our site performance."
    Director, Head of SEO at Travel Site
    “CHEQ helped us expose pretty high volumes of bots on our site, and then allowed us to deal with them in a highly customizable manner, which gave us the feeling that we were in control of what traffic we were killing and how."
    Head of SEO at Higher Education

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