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Click Fraud

Eliminate bots and fake users from clicking on your paid ads and divert your spend back to real paying customers

What is click fraud and how does it operate?

Click fraud can be committed by bots, fake users, or malicious humans clicking on your pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements with no intention to purchase. Common examples include competitors draining ad budgets on high-intent keywords, publishers, and affiliates inflating traffic, among other schemes.

Targets of click fraud see their ad budgets depleted in short amounts of time, higher advertising costs, lower conversion rates, and poor data quality, ultimately impacting the effectiveness of sales and marketing funnels, operations, and analytics.

Common use cases

Budget Draining

Some businesses commit click fraud to drain their competitors’ budgets and outperform them on top key words

Traffic Inflation

Affiliates and partners measured by the amount of traffic sent to your site may artificially inflate their numbers

Unintended Clicks

Users accidentally drain your budget by clicking on links, banners, or pop-up ads when navigating web sites

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Fun Fact

$35 billion were lost by advertisers globally in 2020 due to fraud and fake traffic. This is expected to rise to over $50 billion of damage by 2025, according to the World Federation of Advertisers.

What are the threats to
the Go-to-Market Operation?

  • When bots and fake users engage with your campaigns by clicking on ads and visiting your landing pages, they are taking spend away from legitimate users and real potential customers.
  • Fake traffic contaminates your audience segments, skewing your lookalike models and hurting your optimization. Remarketing towards bots and fake users also wastes budget.
  • Click fraud reduces the efficiency of your budgets. Bots and fake users skew your data, analytics and measurement of KPIs, presenting you with a false picture of your marketing and business performance.


Secure your site from click fraud

CHEQ unlocks revenue opportunities by blocking fake traffic and diverting spend towards authentic human users while eliminating bots and fake users from your audience segments.

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