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Data Security

Security is one of the most important elements in CHEQ's business.
Without Security the user acquisition process is incomplete, and it is
our job to assure that our clients data and assets are secured using
the best industry standards possible.

Security education and awareness

At CHEQ, we consider our employees to be a critical line of defense in protecting and securing our company and client’s data. We have a dedicated team which is responsible for periodic training of relevant staff regarding all security and data protection matters.
Our training includes – annual security training, onboarding training for new teams/employees, and distribution and acknowledgment of our IT and data protection policies. In addition to our awareness programs, we also review and update our policies on an annual basis, and more frequently if needed.

Data protection.
How does CHEQ help secure client’s information?

We take great care in implementing and maintaining the security of the Services and your information. We employ industry standard procedures and policies to ensure the safety of your information, and prevent unauthorized use of any such information.

Losing clients data such as personal information, contracts, email correspondence, login credentials, or billing information can cause great damage to the company. To avoid the above, and assure that CHEQ is secured from security breaches and data leakage, we use the following measures:

  1. We limit access to sensitive data and we avoid sharing unnecessary information inside and outside the organization.
  2. We use smart password protection strategies. We lean on a combination of encrypted, salted passwords, and multi-factor authentication. Combined, these measures virtually eliminate the threat of compromised passwords.
  3. We stay on top of all security updates.
  4. We take industry standard steps designed to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to Personal Data processing systems.
  5. We maintain appropriate access controls designed to prevent Personal Data processing systems from being used without proper authorization, including:
  6. Restricting access to Personal Data to only authorized Personnel who require such access in order to perform the Services and providing the lowest level of access required in accordance with the “least privilege” approach.
  7. Implementing industry standard physical and electronic security measures to protect passwords or other access controls.
  8. We maintain security policies and procedures to classify sensitive or confidential information, clarify security responsibilities and promote awareness for employees by: maintaining procedures regarding the use, archiving, or disposal of media containing Personal Data; and managing security incidents in accordance with appropriate incident response policy.
  9. We maintain a security awareness program to train personnel about their security obligations. This program includes training about data classification obligations, physical security controls, security practices, and security incident reporting.
  10. We conduct periodic risk assessments and reviews and, if needed, we update our Information Security Program.

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