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Tired of wasting marketing resources on bots?

  • Protect ad spend & enhance marketing by blocking fake leads and securing acquisition channels, forms, and analytics.
  • Prevent fraud with detailed detection tools targeting device, network, behavior, and user-based threats
  • Safeguard your technology and customer data against vendor risks, prevent data leaks, and ensure privacy compliance
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Securing 15,000+ companies worldwide

How CHEQ secures your funnels:

Protect Your Funnel Quality

Eliminate fake form fills and bots that pollute your funnel, abuse promotions, and waste your sales reps’ time.

Protect Your Paid Marketing

Block click ad fraud and ensure your marketing efforts reach real users who are interested in your products.

Protect Your Data Integrity

Uncover the impact of fake traffic across your website, get accurate marketing analytics, and strengthen optimization efforts.

Protect Client Data and Privacy

Comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Build customer trust through transparent data practices.

Customer stories

״CHEQ is a strategic AI tool for our business. I’m not bringing invalid traffic into my marketing funnels or spending dollars on fake people.״

Sandra Wendland, Global Digital Marketing Manager

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"Once we rerouted spend towards valid users, we saw lead quality rise considerably.”

Alex Schutte
Head of Digital Marketing Strategy

“We’re eliminating high volumes of fraud across search and social, and bringing in higher quality users.”

Sam Wiley
Digital Activation Manager

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