Sign-up & Lead Protection | CHEQ


Stop junk leads and fake users from entering your funnel

With CHEQ’s Sign-up & Lead Protection (SLP), eliminate fake leads, sign-ups, and registrations that disrupt your sales and marketing efficiency. Put a stop to:

  • Free trial and coupon abuse that waste your resources
  • Lead and pipeline flooding that distract you from real prospects
  • Affiliate lead fraud that drain your budgets
  • Unauthorized product access by bad actors and competitors
SLP Diagram

How Sign-up & Lead Protection Works:

Identify leads in real-time at scale 
Integrate with marketing platforms such as Marketo or Hubspot, or connect via API. Our validation engine will then conduct a series of tests on web visitors, analyzing lead input data and behavioral patterns to instantly identify users upon form submission.

Customize your go-to-market operations
SLP offers two activation modes—blocking and data enrichment—giving you the flexibility to either block a form fill immediately or allow it to progress through the funnel based on your designated user experience. You decide when to introduce additional friction into the user experience.

Keep your funnel and business systems clean

Now you can focus on genuine customers by automatically stopping fake leads that waste your sales team’s precious time, sign-ups that abuse free trial promotions, and malicious actors that pollute your business systems.

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