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Solutions for Data and Analytics

Un-skew your Business and Marketing Intelligence from invalid traffic to secure the accuracy of your data.

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    Bots and invalid visitors are skewing your data & analytics

    Invalid traffic contaminates your Business and Marketing Intelligence systems, skewing your key funnel metrics and polluting your CDP, DMP, audience segments, CRM and sales pipeline with bad data.

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    With CHEQ

    Unskew your BI Systems

    Integrate Invalid Traffic (IVT) data into your native BI systems and unskew your data & analytics.

    With CHEQ

    Cast a light on
    your traffic sources

    Export detailed, log-level reports to generate advanced insights and increase funnel transparency.

    With CHEQ

    Correct your measurement

    Ensure accurate measurement of traffic volume and activity to boost your forecasting ability.

    We invest many millions of dollars in data practices to drive business decisions. CHEQ secures that investment and ensures our data isn't skewed by bots and fake activity.
    VP of Analytics at global fashion retailer
    We were doing forecasting, budget planning and funnel optimizations based on data that was off by about 20-30%. CHEQ cast a light on the bad stuff and helped us gain a clearer view of reality.
    CMO at insurance company
    When we plugged CHEQ into our Marketing Intelligence systems, we started to understand where invalid traffic was coming from, and how it impacted us at different stages of the funnel.
    Senior BI Admin at software company

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    the affects of IVT

    Budget wasted on IVT comes at the expense of reaching authentic buyers, causing marketers to miss out on legitimate conversions and purchases.

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