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Paid Marketing

Eliminate invalid activity from your paid marketing funnels, campaigns and audiences and divert your spend back to real paying customers.

    Trusted by over 12,000 customers worldwide.

    Bots and invalid visitors are harming your paid marketing efforts

    Invalid traffic is detrimental to your paid marketing efforts, costing you precious marketing spend, polluting your audiences, depleting your re-marketing budgets and skewing your look-a-like models and automation pixels.

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    With CHEQ

    Secure your marketing budgets

    Block invalid activity and divert spend towards real paying customers to unlock new revenue opportunities.

    With CHEQ

    Clean-up your audiences

    Eliminate invalid users from your audiences to secure remarketing budgets and pre-targeting.

    With CHEQ

    Unskew your optimization

    Ensure your Google and Facebook pixels only fire at validated human users and real paying customers.

    Our campaigns were full of fake user engagement and suspicious clicks. CHEQ helped us eliminate them and secure our spend.
    Head of Paid Search, at D2C fashion brand
    Our audiences, remarketing, lookalikes and smart campaign optimization were all contaminated by invalid traffic, and CHEQ put an end to that.
    VP of Marketing at insurance company
    As a paid marketer with significant budgets, it makes no sense to go to battle without CHEQ's layer of security.
    Senior Director of Demand Generation at SaaS company

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    the affects of IVT

    Budget wasted on IVT comes at the expense of reaching authentic buyers, causing marketers to miss out on legitimate conversions and purchases.

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