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Web Scraping

Stop web scrapers that can harm your
competitive advantage, steal your content, and
undermine your SEO efforts

What are web scrapers
and how do they operate?

Web scrapers are automated scripts that scan certain websites to mine information. They are programmed to scan and steal updates, content, product details, and prices. Scrapers are bots seeking data and will never become real customers.

Many sites that aggregate or compare information, such as ecommerce and travel sites rely on scrapers update their offerings. Scraping can also be performed by malicious third parties, competitiors, and other bad actors, using your content or other sensitive information without your knowledge or consent.

Common use cases

Competitive Intelligence

Competitors may deploy scraper bots to collect product and pricing details from your site

Content Scraping

Fraudsters may use scrapers to steal your valuable content to be used without your knowledge or consent

Consumer Data Theft

Attackers deploy scrapers to steal consumer data, reselling it to 3rd parties or launching phishing attacks

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Fun Fact

$60.5 million in fines was levied against a competitor to Craigslist for scraping content and user data off the Craigslist site in order to send those users spam and competitive marketing emails for their own site.

What are the threats to
the Go-to-Market Operation?

  • Web scraping can allow competitors to know your price points and product details in real-time, compromising your sales efforts, and impacting your ability to forecast sales and margins accurately.
  • Web scraping can erode your brand image. Shopping and fare comparison sites won’t uphold your brand standard and uncontrolled product placement can damage the perception of trust and quality.
  • Web scraping impacts your site’s organic search ranking when your content is replicated across third-party websites or customers learn to shop for your products on price comparison sites.


Secure your site
from web scrapers

CHEQ provides visibility over all scrapers coming to your site, allowing you to manage, mitigate, and block them based on your business needs and sensitivities.

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