On-Demand Webinar: How The Fake Web Impacts Account Based Marketing (ABM) | CHEQ


CHEQ & Friends: How the Fake Web Impacts ABM

Marketing teams have been heavily impacted by fake traffic entering their funnels and CRM through their website and digital campaigns, as 40% of the web traffic today is made of bots, fake users, and automation tools instead of being made of real users. A phenomenon that costs businesses 42 billion dollars a year in lost revenue.

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In this CHEQ & Friends session, Demandbase and Postal will join us to discuss how the Fake Web impacts Account Based Marketing.

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This session is a unique opportunity for you to:
- Understand all about the Fake Web and its impact on ABM.
- Get insights on ABM best practices in the era of the Fake Web.
- Get practical tools to help your marketing organization and business avoid bots and fake users.