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Junk Leads: The Hidden Cost On Your Revenue Team

Junk leads have been a thorn in the side of marketers and sellers since the beginning of time, but now we can finally do something about it. Join Craig Rosenberg, Chief Platform Officer at Scale Ventures, and Amy Holtzman, CMO at CHEQ, as they discuss the tangible impact these leads can have across an entire go-to-market function and highlight strategies to reduce (and even eliminate) junk leads from your funnel.

Throughout this webinar, the pair will cover:

  • Common misconceptions about junk leads;
  • Real-life examples of how junk leads impact strategic business objectives; and
  • How to gain internal buy-in to tackle the junk lead problem at scale.

Amy Holtzman


As Chief Marketing Officer at CHEQ, the leader in go-to-market security, Amy Holtzman understands the motivation of malicious actors online and how they can come to drain advertising budgets, pollute marketing funnels, and poison CRMs. Previously the CMO and Head of Marketing at Spring Health, AlphaSense and Splash, Amy's passion for continuous learning, building high-performing teams in high-growth environments, and exceptional, data-driven marketing and communications motivate her wherever she steps in.

Craig Rosenberg

Chief Platform Officer at Scale Venture Partners

Craig joined Scale in 2022 to help build and manage their Go-To-Market Platform. The Scale GTM Platform delivers critical expertise to help software companies drive efficient hyper-growth. Prior to joining Scale, Craig was Distinguished Vice President in the Sales Practice for Gartner. While there he advised revenue leaders on their strategic decisions and wrote innovative research on new GTM strategies such as revenue operations and account-based strategy. He joined Gartner in 2019 as part of the acquisition of TOPO where Craig was the co-founder and Chief Analyst.