Improving Quality: How to Prevent “Bad Leads” From Entering Your Funnel | Webinar



ON24 Checkpoint Summit

Improving Quality: How to Prevent “Bad Leads” From Entering Your Funnel


More than 1 in 10 visitors on your site is an invalid user – skewing your marketing data and filling your funnel with “bad leads” that take up space and create inefficiencies in how you forecast, target and spend marketing dollars.

Go-to-market success relies on the quality of your data and database. What should you look for and how can you address it?

In this replay, CHEQ CMO Amy Holtzman and ON24 discuss on the impacts of invalid traffic on GTM effectiveness and ROI. Learn how to identify and minimize fake users, safeguard the integrity of your data and maximize the impact of your go-to-market efforts with genuine customers.

Amy Holtzman

Chief Marketing Officer at CHEQ

As Chief Marketing Officer at CHEQ, the leader in go-to-market security, Amy Holtzman understands the motivation of malicious actors online and how they can come to drain advertising budgets, pollute marketing funnels, and poison CRMs. Previously the CMO and Head of Marketing at Spring Health, AlphaSense and Splash, Amy's passion for continuous learning, building high-performing teams in high-growth environments, and exceptional, data-driven marketing and communications motivate her wherever she steps in.