12 Great PPC Google Ads Examples


Running Google Ads offers you an almost dizzying array of strategies and methods. But if you want to keep it relatively simple, then paid search will likely be your focus.

With 8.5 billion searches on Google every day, it’s clear that ranking top can net you some great traffic. Search engine optimization is often the long-term goal for many businesses, but the problem is that it’s a long-term strategy. Running PPC ads on Google can start bringing you traffic within hours or days if done correctly.

And that last point is key. But what is doing it correctly? And how can you create the best Google Ads content to deliver results quickly?

Of course, this varies depending on your industry, your target audience, and your product or service. But, in this post, we’re going to look at some of the best Google Ads examples to help you create the best-converting text ads for your PPC campaigns.

The Best Google Ads Examples 2022

1. MOZ

This ad from the popular marketing tool MOZ keeps it simple yet effective. The heading tells you exactly what the tool is for, and the copy includes the clear benefits of using their product, plus a clear CTA.

Below the ad, the sitelink extensions make it easy to get extra information about the pricing. Although I like this ad for its simplicity, I feel like the next ad, also for a marketing tool, blows them out of the water slightly…


  • FREE offer is highlighted in the heading
  • Two sitelink extensions direct visitors to useful information
  • Additional link to free downloadable guides (lead magnet marketing)
  • Content clearly explains product benefits

2. Semrush

While we’re looking at SaaS marketing tools, I love this Google Ads text from SEO giant Semrush. There is a certain swagger in their text that suggests they are top of the class, and they know it.

“Replace a dozen solutions with one suite…”, “Try it free.” Oh, and the validation of the “Best SEO Tool 2022 Winner”. These are all attention-grabbing elements for those browsing.

The fact that their headline even says it’s the “Ultimate 20-in-1 SEO Tool” just tells anyone searching for the best option everything they need to know.

The icing on the cake is the sitelink extensions taking searchers to their plans comparison, free trial, and even a call extension so you can speak to someone at customer services. Would you buy this product? I think you would…


  • Strong use of power words such as ‘Ultimate,’ ‘Best,’ ‘Free’
  • Good use of sitelink extensions
  • Call direct from the ad to speak to customer services
  • Trial price of $0 is highlighted in the extensions

3. Zuto

This simple Google Ad for car finance company Zuto makes it easy to see the benefits. A decision in 60 seconds? Great – no time wasted.

But for those worried about borrowing money from a brand they might never have heard of, there is plenty of reassurance on display. No fees? 5-star rating? (It’s actually 4.6, but that’s close enough) Trusted by 3 million customers? OK, I’m interested…

They’re missing a trick with the lack of CTA, and I would suggest using a reviews extension instead of the rating mentioned in the copy.


  • Builds trust with ratings and customer numbers
  • The ad title is the service and the benefit – not the company name (Which is a good thing)
  • Call directly from the ad
  • “No Obligation and No Fees” helps to engage browsers

4. TUI Holidays

UK-based travel agents TUI have crammed loads of great features into this search ad. The search for ‘winter sun holidays’ is highlighted in the ad’s title, with a CTA ‘browse our deals’ in the heading too.

To add to this, the copy is kept very simple. And there are lots of extensions taking searchers directly to what they’re looking for. And, if I want to go into the shop, there are two locations nearby too!

This Google search ad also features an image that catches the attention even more.


  • The eye-catching image makes the search ad stand out
  • Extensions make it easy to jump to your preferred section
  • Rating extension builds trust and social proof
  • Clear CTA ‘Browse our deals’

5. Jet2 Holidays

Offering a similar appeal to the TUI search ad above, this search result from UK-based airline Jet2 has its own benefits. The headline clearly highlights the search term (Winter sun holidays) and then their USP of hold luggage included. A big consideration for those travelling with kids.

For me, the copy is not direct enough. The ‘why not bag your dream break’ could be said more directly and effectively. But the ad does offer some clear benefits, including the choice of 70 sun and city destinations.

Those extensions also draw the eye – with ‘Free Child Places’ and ‘School Holiday Breaks’ clearly appealing to the main target audience.


  • USP stated clearly in the heading
  • Rating extension adds social proof and trust
  • The freephone contact phone number extension makes it easy to get in touch
  • This ad is clearly targeting the family holiday demographic

6. Blacklane Airport Transfers

Don’t have time to mess about with public transport? This excellent Google Ad from Blacklane hits with the quality service offering straight away, “arrive on time and in style.” Plus, you know you’ll be able to get in touch with people straight away with that free in-vehicle Wi-Fi.

Sitelink extensions also allow you to jump straight to the sections you most likely need. However, I would suggest that perhaps they could add a callout extension for people to phone direct.


  • Extensions allow visitors to jump straight to their preferred service
  • Multiple benefits highlighted in the ad copy
  • The image in the ad draws the eye

7. Industrious

If you’re looking for office space, this great ad from Industrious is definitely going to draw the eye. First, you have that stylish-looking thumbnail image. Although not everyone will see the detail, you can still make out that their claim of ‘Beautiful Workplace Solutions’ is accurate.

The ad copy also highlights the flexible service offer using succinct points such as ‘Month to Month Terms’ and the option of private or open offices. There are also the more obvious necessities of meeting rooms, printing, and office supplies included, which are mentioned within the copy – thereby handling any objections the searcher may have.

This ad also makes great use of ad extensions with quick links to specific locations, as well as their Access Memberships option.


  • Ad copy highlights the benefits and handles objections clearly
  • Sitelink extensions lead directly to the landing pages for specific locations
  • Stylish image backs up the headline claim

8. WeWork

This search ad from WeWork is also a good example of paid search. You could argue that the ad copy for the Industrious ad above is clearer in their service offer. This WeWork ad is a bit wordier but says a lot less.

The headline features a CTA, ‘Explore Locations.’ However, this could be improved with a word such as ‘Premium’ or ‘Central.’ There are 30 characters available for each headline, so there is a missed opportunity here.

However, their extensions make it easy to browse specific locations, as well as highlight the starting package price.


  • Starting price is highlighted in sitelink extension
  • Extensions also link to specific locations
  • Attractive image supports the claim of ‘Designer Office’

9. Local Locksmith 1

An on-demand service such as a locksmith needs to make their offer immediately clear in their ad copy. Obviously, if you’re locked out of home, you don’t want to be weighing up the best options…

Although this ad for a local locksmith states the benefit twice in the header ‘No Callout Fee’ and ‘No Call Out Charge’ – it is at least clear. They do lead with ‘Available 24/7’, which will also help make a decision.

The copy is also reassuring, as is the review extension. However, there is no callout option from the ad, which is the only thing I’d change.


  • Service benefits highlighted in the headline
  • Rating extension gives trust and social proof
  • The ad copy is clear about what service is offered

10. Local Locksmith 2

Another good example of an ad for a local locksmith, this search has been put together slightly better. Again, the headline makes it clear that there is no call-out charge and that they’re available 24/7.

The ad copy is also quick and to the point, asking questions and then reassuring the reader that they can help. And another benefit here, the callout extension is used so the user can call directly from the ad.


  • Service benefits highlighted in the headline
  • Callout extension included allowing calls direct from the ad
  • The copy clearly explains what they do

11. Etsy

Thinking of gift ideas can be tricky at the best of times. But that’s nothing a quick Google search can’t fix, right? This is a good Google Ads example from Etsy with some great copy and use of extensions.

First, that headline hits the search keyword “gift for wife” and also features a nice selling point, “gifts as unique as they are.” The ad copy then reinforces the headline with gifts they’ll love, supporting small businesses and ‘thoughtful and remarkable gifts.’

And, in the age of sustainability awareness, the added benefit of local sellers is appealing in place of international shipping.

To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, there are quick links to home decor favourites and personalized gifts too.


  • Good use of trigger words in the headline and ad copy
  • Extensions highlight popular departments for ease of shopping
  • Short and punchy copy explains the benefits of the site within the ad

12. Local Wedding Photographer

This result for a local wedding photographer has some good examples of both reassuring ad copy and extensions. Many of these sorts of businesses are solopreneurs or one-man bands, so the business owner or a small agency often creates the ad.

This Google Ad example has good use of emotional trigger words or power words. For example, ‘Free consultation’ and ‘High quality.’ He also explains his style of photography, with ‘a touch of fine art’, speaking to his target audience perfectly.

Below the copy, the sitelink extensions take you straight to pricing, portfolio, and the ‘about me’ page, which are all the most visited pages on most websites.


  • Good use of descriptive and trigger words
  • Callout extension included
  • Sitelink extensions link to the most viewed pages, including prices and portfolio

How can you make your Google Ads better?

As we’ve seen from the Google Ad examples above, there are a number of elements that can make your ad good. So if you’re looking to create catchy Google search ads, follow these rules:

  • Explain your USP or benefits in the headline
  • You don’t need to use the company name in the headline; in fact, sometimes you shouldn’t
  • Make your service benefits clear in the copy and use short and easily digestible sentences
  • Use a clear call to action somewhere in your copy
  • Use sitelink extensions to direct customers directly to specific categories on your site
  • Build trust by highlighting your reviews, ratings, or testimonials with review extensions
  • Highlight offers, sales, or limited availability in the copy
  • Include numbers, prices, or percentages for quick reference
  • Ensure your ad copy uses direct language and ‘power words’
  • Consider if adding your callout extension (phone number) will help customers

Not all of these will apply to every business or ad campaign. But understanding what makes your ads perform well can make a big difference.

We’ve also looked at the power of high-converting landing pages before. Put simply, if you’ve gone to the effort of creating the best ad copy you can, do it justice with a good landing page too.

What influences the success of your Google Ad

Although we’ve looked at the external appearance of these Google Ad examples, the truth is that more than half of the results come from other under-the-hood factors.

This can include:

Your budget

Your total Google Ads spend can have a significant impact on your ad performance, especially if you’re up against big spending competitors.

Use of keywords

Doing keyword research and then targeting the right search terms is a huge factor in your Google Ads ROI. However, this can take time to distill as you work out which search terms perform best.

Keyword matching

The use of exact match, phrase match, broad match, or negative keywords can have a big influence on your ad performance. If you don’t know how best to manage keyword matching, make sure to read up first.

Landing pages

If you’ve gone through all that hard work of creating your Google Ads campaigns, you need to make sure your website can convert those visitors. Landing pages increase the chances of conversions, reduce bounce rates, and have a number of benefits. Read this guide to learn how to create high-converting landing pages.

Block invalid traffic

More than 1 in 5 clicks on your Google Ads comes from non-genuine traffic sources such as bots, competitors, organized fraudsters, and click farms. This is known as click fraud or invalid traffic (IVT). By blocking invalid traffic, you improve the chance of your Google Ads campaigns hitting their ROAS and cutting the amount of ad spend wastage.

Protecting your Google Ads campaign

If you’re running Google Ads either for your business or your clients, blocking fraud is something you will need to consider. CHEQ is the most effective click fraud prevention tool on the market and is the choice of marketing professionals across the world for a good reason.

Because clicks from bots or your competitors will never convert, reducing the impact of these clicks on your ad spend can make a massive difference to your bottom line. In fact, in some highly competitive industries with high-value keywords, the volume of fake clicks can be as high as 60% or more.

We highly recommend running a traffic audit on your PPC ads so you can see for yourself who is clicking your ads.

With a no-obligation free trial, you can use CHEQ Essentials to see whether you need to invest in click fraud prevention.

Try CHEQ Essentials for free for 7 days and give your Google Ads campaigns the power-up they deserve!

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