CHEQ Acquires ClickCease, Expands Offering to SMB Advertisers


Global cybersecurity firm CHEQ has announced today the acquisition of ClickCease, the world’s largest pay-per-click (PPC) fraud prevention tool. This acquisition is set to further bolster CHEQ’s presence in the click fraud prevention space by expanding the company’s reach to the long tail of clients, including smaller businesses, local service providers, and freelancers. A recent study by the University of Baltimore’s Roberto Cavazos found that 14% of all ad clicks are non-human and/or fraudulent, costing advertisers tens of billions of dollars in wasted ad spend. With offices in New York, LA, Chicago, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tel Aviv, CHEQ offers cybersecurity-driven ad verification to big-brand advertisers and media agencies across the globe. The addition of ClickCease opens the door to tens of millions of mid-to-small-size businesses that spend primarily on paid search and social channels.

“We’re delighted to welcome ClickCease to the rapidly growing CHEQ family” said CHEQ’s founder and CEO Guy Tytunovich. “With this acquisition, we’re bringing in a superstar team led by 2 exceptional founders, Yuval and Ilan, that built a company bigger than all of its competitors combined, a product that’s become the ‘standard’ in invalid click prevention with virtually limitless growth potential and scores of incredible customers who will now be able to seamlessly benefit from CHEQ’s award-winning cybersecurity engine while continuing to use the ClickCease platform. I’d like to thank the ClickCease founders for joining our journey as we continue to drive towards our vision of creating a secure and trustworthy digital media ecosystem with a suite that includes protection tools across every digital environment, screen, and format.”

“We’re very excited to be joining the CHEQ family” said Yuval Haimov, Founder and CEO of ClickCease. “Their technological and operational infrastructure and strong position in the market will help us achieve even greater scale and expand our market even faster. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved thus far in becoming the leading player in click fraud prevention. Joining CHEQ will help solidify our market-leading position and will create exciting new growth opportunities. We’d like to thank CHEQ’s board for believing in us and look forward to being part of something so big.”

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