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On May 15, 2023, CHEQ hosted customers, partners, and friends for a networking event in New York City. Guy Tytunovich, CEO of CHEQ, and Asaf Kochan, President of Sentra were the two key panelists that appeared on stage with moderator Amy Holtzman, CHEQ’s CMO. The two panelists had an existing relationship because of their experience together serving in one of the world’s most elite military cybersecurity units – Unit 8200 of Israel. Questions for the panelists ranged from their experience in the military, which threats they see most impacting their customers, which uncommon threats businesses might not be aware of, and even how generative AI may impact the cyber world moving forward. 

When discussing frequent cyber threats, Mr. Kochan noted three internet threats that customers come to him with most commonly. These included threats to business continuity, information and code that are left behind by previous employees and can turn into vulnerabilities, and data breaches. Relating to breaches specifically, he noted that there is a culture of shame and secrecy when companies fall victim to these kinds of attacks. In other words, in order to fight against the so-called ‘Fake Web’ we need to be more open about discussing it. 

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When moving on to the topic of AI, Mr. Kochan mentioned his perspective that the future of safety online will largely depend on who is able to make the most of generative AI first – whether that be the cyber criminals using AI for malicious purposes, or the cyber security professionals using AI to better their products and improve how they are protecting their customers. Additionally, since AI could hypothetically make data breaches easier, and access to bots and fake traffic more democratized – companies must eliminate the aforementioned shame around these kinds of problems to confront them head-on. 

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Mr. Tytunovich echoed many of these statements and provided his own perspective on cyberspace. The CHEQ CEO mentioned the importance of ensuring data and analytics accuracy, which can often be negatively impacted by bots, fake users, and malicious humans online. 

Furthermore, he said that these skewed analytics lead to skewed decision-making, and in many cases, automated skewed decision-making because of how quickly data is processed and acted upon in today’s work environment. Mr. Tytunovich also emphasized that the things that affect a company’s valuation and strength in the market are influenced by this data, and therefore it is critical to avoid any risks to that valuation. 

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The event also included a cocktail hour, which served as an opportunity for attendees to meet each other, share their knowledge, and form connections with others in their field. The venue, Dear Irving on Hudson, provided sweeping views of the city and several areas to chat and connect. Attendees included leaders in the digital marketing and cyber security spaces who had an interest in learning more about the vision and experience of our two panelists. 

The event closed with an open Q&A with the panelists, and additional time to mingle and network. To learn more about CHEQ events and to explore the possibility of attending one yourself – view our resources page here. 

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