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Alon Ahronberg is the Senior Director of Customer Success at CHEQ. He joined our Fight Against the Fake Web back in 2021. Previously, Alon worked in companies like Solitics and Sisense.

Why did you join the fight against the fake web?

I always look to work with products that add value for people. The Fake Web is a serious problem on the internet today, so I decided to join because I understood how much we can impact this fight. On top of that, when you work in a place that is moved by a clear purpose, everyone knows what they want to achieve, and that was a plus for me in joining the fight.

How your role enables the fight against the fake web?

As customer success, I feel my team and I are at the front of the fight. We are the ones communicating with the customers, being the bridge between them and the company. Especially being customer-centric, we hear our customers’ feedback, understand what is more valuable for them, and, in the end, how this can help us to keep having an innovative product.

How has your perception of the fake web changed since you joined CHEQ?

I knew the problem existed and the impact it caused. But since joining, I learn a lot more about the issues and challenges the fake web is causing. Communicating with customers on a daily basis, we find out new issues, new challenges, and new problems that we can solve and address.

What do you appreciate most about working at CHEQ?

Working with brilliant people and a collaborative environment.

It’s never been a better time to join one of the fastest-growing companies in SaaS, as we continue to Fight the Fake Web, building out the future of Go-to-Market security. See what our dear CHEQers have to say about our culture and work-life and take a look at our open positions.

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