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CHEQ Paradome Solutions For Affiliate Leaders

Secure your partner marketing programs from invalid traffic, bots and fake users

Invalid Traffic is being driven by affiliates and marketing partners

Large scale affiliate marketing programs often contain large volumes of unchecked invalid traffic. From hired click farms to automated users, botnets and headless browsers, malicious players in the affiliate space often attempt to inflate traffic, clicks, page visits and engagements for monetary gain.

Uncover and remove bad traffic from your affiliate programs

CHEQ Paradome allows you to cast a light on affiliate marketers in your network and root out the ones driving invalid traffic, clicks and engagement to your site. Regain control of your partner marking programs and ensure it's driving high-quality, verified traffic to your site.

Trusted by over 14,000 customers worldwide.

CHEQ is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to secure their Go-to-Market operations. Learn why they trust us.

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“Referrals drive 40% of our traffic, so we always want to keep an eye on the quality of what our affiliate partners are sending our way. CHEQ actually gives us a tool to monitor them, block fake traffic and remove bad actors from our network."
Head of Partner Marketing at Travel Website
“I can't imagine working with affiliates and not having CHEQ audit the inbound traffic. We had sites in our network driving as much as 80-90% fake traffic, and CHEQ helps us get ahead of this problem in a very direct and impactful way."
Senior Director of Marketing at IT Firm
“I run our entire affiliates program, which we measure on click-through and conversion rates. With CHEQ, we found that bots and click farms were actually driving our CTR up and the conversion rate down."
Affiliate Marketing Director

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