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Resource Draining

Stop bots and fake users from attacking your site and straining your infrastructure and protect your customer experience

What is resource draining and how does it operate?

Whether it’s logging in, adding to cart, checking out, or requesting an appointment, your customers expect your site to be fast and responsive. Bots and fake users crowding your site and overloading certain processes can paralyze site performance, causing lag and time-outs.

Bot activity that slows your site has a significant impact on your real customers. Customers may grow frustrated and abandon their efforts, resulting in loss of sales, lower conversion rates, and reduced enthusiasm for future engaging with your company.

Common use cases

Tech Stack Bill Inflation

Large volumes of bots generate requests to the different software tools on your site, inflating your bills significantly

Website Crashing

Attackers deploy mass quantities of bots with the intention of crashing your site (DDoS) and damaging your infrastructure

Website Latency

Attackers looking for vulnerabilities on your site cause login and checkout processes to work slower, hurting customer experience

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Fun Fact

7% is the average drop in conversion rate for every one-second delay in page load time. 40% of site visitors will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 79% of customers will not return to a slow site.

What are the threats to
the Go-to-Market Operation?

  • Attacks on your site create generate web sessions, consume bandwidth, and overload system connections, driving up the cost of your web tools and infrastructure maintenance.
  • When fake traffic prevents real customers from booking appointments, adding to cart, or checking out, companies suffer lower conversion rates and a tangible loss of sales revenue with each additional second of delay.
  • Bots and fake users on your site overload your system, tax your infrastructure, and slow the site experience for customers, ensuring some never return, while potentially harming your search engine rankings.


Secure your site from resource draining

CHEQ provides of layer of visibility over all bots and fake users, testing each visitor with over 2000+ cybersecurity challenges and automatically blocking malicious traffic.

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