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Abandonment Fraud

Stop bots and fake users from manipulating your inventory and abusing your site by abandoning carts, forms and other processes

What is abandonment fraud and how does it operate?

Abandonment fraud, which can be called inventory exhaustion or denial of inventory in eCommerce, happens when bots ‘hold’ inventory items and make them unavailable for other customers, whether in a shopping cart waiting to checkout or form fill awaiting final submission.

Companies suffering from abandonment fraud may be under attack from competitors trying to sellout their goods first or fraudsters pre-selling the held item for a higher price and only completing checkout once they pocket the price difference.

Common use cases

Retail Abandonment Fraud

Bots fill up carts on eCommerce sites, depleting available inventory and directing shoppers to competing sites

Booking Abandonment Fraud

Bots book and hold tickets and reservation slots on travel and entertaiment sites, to deplete inventory and presell the item

Form Abandonment Fraud

Bots and fake users test user information on your forms as a precursor to various types of cyberattacks

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Fun Fact

15% of all cyberattacks on retail websites are related to abandonment fraud. Denial of inventory attacks are one of the top 3 cyberattacks facing online retailers, according to TotalRetail.

What are the threats to
the Go-to-Market Operation?

  • Abandonment fraud stifles revenue generation and eliminates opportunities to capitalize on advantages. By effectively holding inventory hostage until sold at a higher price, the fraudster profits while the business holds the risk.
  • Abandonment fraud disappoints and frustrates customers unable to complete their transactions, damaging your brand reputation and decreasing brand loyalty by forcing them to go elsewhere.
  • Bots focused on denial of inventory generate unnecessary traffic and processes on your system, putting strain on your infrastructure and slowing the site experience for customers.


Secure your site from abandonment fraud

CHEQ provides a layer of visibility over all bots and fake users coming to your site, allowing you to manage, mitigate, and block malicious actors looking to cause harm or commit fraud.

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