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Account Takeovers

Prevent bots and fake users from compromising user accounts and protect against credential stuffing and brute force attacks

What are account takeovers and how do they operate?

Account takeovers happen when attackers log into legitimate accounts in order to access and control them. This can be done by attempting to login using a list of stolen user information purchased on the dark web (credential stuffing) or brute force attacks (cracking).

Successfully taken over accounts are fully controlled by the fraudster and can be used to impersonate the user, learn the user’s personal (PII) or financial data, or make fraudulent transactions. Compromised accounts create a number of problems and risks for the organization and the victims.

Common use cases

Stealing Personal Information

When an account is taken over, the attacker can steal the user’s data, including PII and credit card information

Committing Financial Fraud

Attackers use taken over accounts to make fraudulent transactions on your site for financial gain

Draining Loyalty Programs

Attackers will consume or transfer miles, or loyalty points available in compromised accounts

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Fun Fact

$56 billion were stolen by attackers through opening loans, fake accounts, and stealing benefits in the US in 2021. That year an estimated 49 million American consumers fell victim to identity fraud.

What are the threats to
the Go-to-Market Operation?

  • When bots and fake users take over user accounts to steal personal data, trust in your company and your ability to provide services securely is lost, adding to the challenges of your Go-to-Market teams.
  • Transaction fraud committed by impersonated accounts results in a loss of revenue which is compounded by higher logistics and customer service expenses, impacting your bottom line.
  • Stolen data from compromised accounts exposes your company to compliance and security risks. The theft of PII can result in litigation from users or regulatory institutions.


Secure your site from account takeovers

CHEQ provides visibility over all bots and fake users, testing each visitor with over 2000+ cybersecurity challenges and automatically blocking malicious traffic.

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