Block Bots, Safeguard Ad Spend, and Protect Marketing Efficiency with CHEQ Acquisition


Stop Wasting Your Budget on
Fake Users and Clicks

  • Prevent bots and invalid users from contaminating paid media audiences, retargeting campaigns, and conversion events
  • Optimize with greater accuracy, preserve conversion rates, and focus on real user behavior
  • Robust protection engine continuously monitors and analyzes users running 2000+ tests
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Securing 15,000+ companies worldwide

Secure your paid marketing efforts with CHEQ Acquisition

Outsmart Bots and Bad Actors

CHEQ's advanced detection ensures your ads only reach genuine users.

Protect Your Marketing Budget

Stop wasting money on clicks and impressions from bots and fraudulent sources.

Focus on High-Value Leads

Optimize your campaigns and retargeting for real prospects who become paying customers.

Scale with Confidence

Expand your customer acquisition efforts with the peace of mind that CHEQ protects your funnel from fake traffic.

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CHEQ is a strategic AI tool for our business. I’m not bringing invalid traffic into my marketing funnels or spending dollars on fake people.״

Sandra Wendland, Global Digital Marketing Manager

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"Once we rerouted spend towards valid users, we saw lead quality rise considerably.”

Alex Schutte
Head of Digital Marketing Strategy

“We’re eliminating high volumes of fraud across search and social, and bringing in higher quality users.”

Sam Wiley
Digital Activation Manager

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