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Stop Wasting Resources on

Fake Sign-ups & Leads

  • Keep Fake Leads Out: Block bots and fake users from flooding your forms
  • Focus on Real Prospects: Spend less time sorting through junk leads and more time nurturing genuine opportunities
  • Protect Your Resources: Prevent unauthorized access to free trials and promotions
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Securing 15,000+ companies worldwide

Protect your funnel with CHEQ Form Guard

Get Rid of Fake Leads

Stop wasting time and resources on form fills from bots and competitors.

Convert More Qualified Leads

Identify real prospects faster and focus your efforts on high-value leads.

Secure Your Funnel

Protect against unauthorized access and fraudulent use of free trials and promotion.

See Real Results

Gain a clear view of your pipeline and optimize your marketing campaigns for higher ROI.

Customer stories

“Bots were hitting our site, filling out forms. CHEQ showed us the
extent of our fake traffic and where it was coming from.”

Senior Director of Growth Marketing,
Cyber Security Company

“With CHEQ we immediately saw a drop in invalid applications, allowing our reps to focus on the real leads.”

Director of Digital Marketing,
Financial Services Company

“Eliminating fake leads allowed us to scale our growth, and gaining back trust from the sales team was big plus too.”

Head of Demand Gen,
B2B Saas Company