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Optimize Your Website Performance and Securely Implement Marketing Technologies

Improve website performance and make data collection accurate and secure through our next generation tag management solution; Server-Side Tagging

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Your website is a valuable source of customer data; therefore, it is essential that you capture data in the most secure, efficient and accurate way possible whilst maintaining optimum website performance. But the growth of ad blockers and a severe increase in website data breaches make capturing data securely a challenge.


JavaScript enables many benefits and tracking capabilities, providing important customer data for your marketing team. But traditional client-side JavaScript tagging can impact page performance and slow down page loading speed – particularly if you are running many technologies on your site. Even a two-second delay in page load time can increase bounce rate by more than 100 percent, dramatically affecting conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Another downside of slow loading code on the client side is that organizations can fall victim to data discrepancies between actual and tracked sales or visits. This means the marketing team has a less reliable view of customer behavior, which makes it more difficult to direct their budgets and deliver effective campaigns.

Client-side (traditional) tagging is also susceptible to ad blockers which prevent your third-party code from running. In addition, JavaScript can be easily manipulated by cybercriminals looking to steal your customers’ personal data.


Ensighten's next generation tag management solution, Server-Side Tagging, enables improved page performance, data match rates and quality, along with data leak prevention capabilities.

Server-Side Tagging benefits

  • Improved site performance
  • More accurate data collection and match rates
  • Reduced website security and data leakage risks

Server-Side Tagging (SST) removes the client-side JavaScript code directly from the page - meaning there is no need to use JavaScript tags, dramatically improving page loading times. SST takes the heavy lifting away from the client’s browser – in place of JavaScript, a simple data collection pixel captures just the data needed from the webpage to serve to all the tags that you would usually serve on the client-side.

Server-Side Tagging means the tags on your website are not impacted by ad blockers and they will continue to load. Finally, the removal of on-page client-side JavaScript helps defend against third-party data breach vulnerabilities; SST enables you to hand pick each data point that can be shared with third parties, reducing the risk of data leakage.

Protect your website from Magecart and data leakage

If you are collecting sensitive customer data but do not have specific website security controls in place, your business is vulnerable to data leakage. With increasingly tight regulations surrounding customer data security systems, digital security should be a priority for every organization. Get in contact to learn more about how Ensighten can protect your website from a data breach