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CHEQ Paradome Solutions For eCommerce Leaders

Secure your eCommerce site and funnels from invalid traffic, bots and fake users

Trusted by over 12,000 customers worldwide.

Invalid Traffic is killing
your eCommerce funnel

Invalid site visitors are flooding your eCommerce site, filling up and deserting shopping carts, scraping for content and data and committing a wide range of fraudulent schemes and activities that put you and your customer's journey at risk. eCommerce conversion rates are hurt, SEO is damaged and key site metrics are jeopardized.

Surgically remove Invalid Traffic from your eCommerce site

CHEQ Paradome allows you to uncover and intercept invalid site visitors in real-time, removing them with laser precision and custom controls. Use predefined rules to mitigate different types of invalid traffic and only block what you feel comfortable blocking.

“The disruption caused by bots to our site's conversion rates was a material one, until we onboarded CHEQ. They cast a light on our traffic, showing us a host of fake visitors frequenting our site at scale, including proxies, data center traffic, scraper bots and spam bots, which were negatively impacting our performance."
Director of eCommerce at Sports Retailer
“We saw a 15% improvement on our overall site conversion rate, from visit to paying customer, and I attribute a great deal of that improvement to CHEQ. With their solution, we've managed to cut a ton of junk traffic from our site and that has made all the difference to us."
VP User Acquisition at Consumer Electronics Retailer
“We only sell in North America, but over 10% of our site traffic was coming from out-of-geo proxies who were masking their location and identities. With CHEQ we could uncover and remove those visitors, generating an instant boost to our performance and conversion rates."
Chief Digital Officer at Eyewear Retailer

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