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Consent Management Platform (CMP+)

More than a basic consent platform, Ensighten's CMP+ is built with enterprise scalability to help teams ensure compliance through true consent enforcement, data privacy controls, and client-side security.

According to a recent digital transformation study by Gartner, 66% of digital marketing leaders view complying with privacy and security standards as a moderate or significant challenge.

Organizations made early investments in technology intended to address requirements around consent and the handling of customer data. What they’ve learned is that achieving compliance is far more complex than a simple consent form or workflow tool. In large part, that’s because most Consent Management Platforms are just consent forms. Ensighten CMP+, an IAB-certified solution, enables full compliance.

Enterprise have spent millions of dollars developing a capability to have timely and relevant interactions with their customers and providing rich and personalized digital experiences that build loyalty and drive revenue. Recent and on-going regulations have created significant impediments to this essential mission. While these regulations must be respected, care should be taken to make certain that Consent Management technologies can ensure compliance AND enable digital marketing agility.

What Makes Ensighten CMP+ Different From Every Other CMP:

  • Lightning-Fast Zero-Integration Deployment - Easily and rapidly deploy across any number of websites and web applications globally and simultaneously.
  • Real-time Compliance Enforcement - Establish boundaries and data-sharing rules to automatically enforce consumer-centric policies. No APIs. No third-party reliance.
  • Data Theft Security – Built-in web security for digital marketers to completely protect customer data from client-side attacks.
  • AI-ML Tag Categorization – Intelligent and automatic categorization of third-party technologies, and the ability to monitor and control the data supply chain, even as tags come and go.
  • Opt-Out Analytics and Reporting – Use more opt-out data to make better marketing decisions.
  • Extend Your Current CMP - Easily add Ensighten CMP+ with full compliance and client-Side Security to your CMP.

It's how world-class digital organizations continue to provide rich and relevant digital experiences in a regulated environment.

Lightning Fast Zero-Integration Deployment

Time to market matters. Having the right message for the right customer at the right time has long been the competitive difference between winners and losers. Ensighten puts digital marketers, e-commerce managers and content creators in complete control of third-party technologies and the ability to deliver value while respecting compliance and data privacy rules. Whether your company operates on a single domain or operates across hundreds of brands and properties, Ensighten is easily and rapidly deployed across any number of assets globally and simultaneously.

Ensighten CMP+ allows digital marketers to not only capture, but to autonomously enforce the intent communicated by consumer consent throughout the data supply chain. No fragile integrations with third parties required and all the maintenance and uncertainty that goes along with it.

To further simplify deployment and reduce TCO, Ensighten has developed its platform with the evolving landscape in mind--integrating with leading industry standards organizations like the IAB and a constantly evolving library built to recognize thousands of third-party technologies dynamically as they orbit your data ecosystem. All of this is routinely operationalized and production-ready within days bringing you the fastest possible time to ROI, and more importantly reducing your risk by accelerating your time to compliance.

Ensighten CMP+ also can integrate with all leading CMPs to get you fully compliant and secure without changing your existing consent forms.

Real-Time Compliance Enforcement

While regulators historically have been lax, enforcement efforts (and related fines) are on the rise. As economies struggle to recover from long periods of extended spending, data privacy laws provide a convenient fund source for regulators. It is time for enterprises to reflect on their readiness in the face of this reality. Early entrants in the Consent space merely captured a user’s preferences but did little else to ensure that those preferences were enforced. Instead, they relied on third parties to respect the wishes of users, begging the question, “Who is responsible for ensuring that customer data does not flow against a customer’s wishes?”

Using Ensighten, enterprises can easily empower digital marketing and compliance teams to establish boundaries and data-sharing rules, putting them in control of who receives what data. Ensighten enforces this consumer-centric policy without the use of APIs or third-party communications. Internal data controls can be configured by the enterprise to protect specific sensitive data elements (e.g. social security numbers, account numbers, home addresses, etc). All of this results in a lights-out solution that provides proactive protection and assurance that all customer data is handled consistently in accordance with a consumers’ consent preferences.

Client-Side Data Theft Security

Client-side data-theft attacks pose a real risk to your customer data privacy objectives. This new cyberattack vector is a highly effective method for stealing customer data. And, it is happening at an increasingly alarming rate. According to Digital Commerce 360, the retail industry experienced a year-over-year 50% spike in client-side attacks in 2020, with the holiday season experiencing an increase year-over-year of 81%.

Today’s CMP solutions have no ability to mitigate this risk, requiring your organization’s security teams to gatekeep your use of customer data. This reduces the benefit of your martech solution investment. It limits your ability to have meaningful interactions with your customers and damages every aspect of your digital presence.

Ensighten’s CMP+ enables digital marketing teams to completely protect customer data from these types of attacks, allowing them to continue to serve their organization by doing what they do best: innovating for the customer.

AI-Powered Tag Categorization

Ensighten CMP+ arms the enterprise with real-time visibility, AI-ML-powered categorization of third-party technology, and the ability to monitor and control the data supply chain. This puts enterprises in complete control of the web supply chain while reducing the workload required to implement and maintain compliance.

Opt-Out Analytic Intelligence

Ensighten’s CMP+ platform, allows you to observe opt-out rates at a detailed level. This empowers marketers with the insights they need to improve both the privacy user experience and opt-in rates. And, with greater insights into opt-out rates across the tech stack, marketing teams can make better management investment decisions, including reducing or eliminating spend on technologies that experience consistently high opt-out rates.

Extend Your Current CMP To Ensure Full Compliance and Client-Side Security

Ensighten’s CMP+ integrates with all leading CMPs to get you fully compliant and secure. Even if you like your consent forms from your current CMP, you can easily configure Ensighten CMP+ to integrate with it to make your enterprise fully compliant.

Greater Control. Better TCO. More Speed. More Agility.

Many regulations were enacted into law years ago and still marketers are struggling to comply, often weighing the cost-benefit of losing crucial customer information against potential regulatory fines.

Ensighten CMP+ offers a fast and powerful path to compliance while empowering the Enterprise to gather the most data possible to conduct its complex business. All of this and more is available in one complete end-to-end web compliance and data privacy platform for digital marketers.

Your payoff? Greater Control. Better TCO. More Speed. More Agility.

This is how world class brands protect what their customers care about most while innovating at the speed of digital!

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